Cultural Case Studies: Jewish (General) Weddings

There are a variety of traditions based on the style of Jewish wedding you might cover (Orthodox, modern, etc.), so we would like to note this is just a general overview for covering a Jewish wedding.

Typical Structure

  1. Ketubah Signing
  2. Processional
  3. Ceremony Under Chuppah
  4. Kiddushin – Wine Betrothal Blessing
  5. Ring Exchange
  6. Chuppah Stomp – Mazel Tov
  7. Recessional


Before the Day

  • Discuss where they will be signing the Ketubah.
  • Discuss which traditions will happen during the ceremony.

On the Day

  • Designate shooters to be in the room or location and prepared to capture the Ketubah signing.
  • Family/wedding party portraits at Chuppah.
  • Couples session on property & at Chuppah.

Be prepared with flashes to cover the Ketubah signing, just in case it takes place in a darker room, which happens often. Also, don’t forget to get detail shots of the Ketubah, as well as images of everyone signing it, which includes the couple and a number of VIPs. As with most ceremony shots, capture both sides of the family as events unfold. During the Ketubah signing, for example, the families will stand around the table where the Ketubah is placed to watch the couple sign it. This signing constitutes the actual marriage. Any ceremony after this point is mostly symbolic.

Note: Immediately after the Chuppah Stomp, the couple will go for their first kiss. Don’t miss it!