Cultural Case Studies: Christian (Non-Denominational) weddings

While this is by no means an all-encompassing overview of every cultural wedding nuance, it should serve as a helpful guide for most of the typical cultural wedding ceremonies you might expect to cover. Consider it your primer for understanding the positions and angles to take and the moments you should capture in these perhaps less familiar wedding markets. In addition, be sure to communicate clearly with your clients about any particular traditions/moments they will want covered during the ceremony, and throughout the entire wedding day.

Most of the wedding ceremony tips discussed thus far center on traditional Christian (non-denominational) wedding ceremonies. To recap, here is a cheat-sheet for the typical structure of this type of wedding ceremony.

Typical Structure

  1. Processional
  2. Giving Away of the Bride
  3. Opening Remarks
  4. Speech/Hymn
  5. Exchange of Vows
  6. Ring Exchange
  7. Unity Candle (Symbol)
  8. Pronouncement/Kiss
  9. Recessional


Before the Day

  • Ask the bride and groom during talk-through for any non-typical moments (such as the bride and groom presenting flowers to their parents early in the ceremony).
  • Encourage the bride and groom during the talk through to take a photograph at the end of the aisle.

On the Day

  • Discuss pre-first kiss line with the officiant.
  • Be aware of quick ceremonies; don’t leave the safety position unattended.
  • Work with guests to orchestrate recessional (flowers, rice, etc.).