Creating the Design

When designing an album or wall art, you’ll want easy-to-use software that is also flexible enough to meet your design and presentation needs. We recommend Fundy Designer, which you can purchase at a discount through the Premium Partner page HERE. We also recommend using Bay Photo for your printing, though you can always research other resources and choose those that best fit your needs.

If you plan on presenting clients with wall art designs as well as an album design (which you should be doing whenever possible), don’t simply repeat the designs and layouts in both formats. If the album contains all of the images you’ve highlighted in the wall art design, the client may be less likely to purchase wall art. Some crossover is fine, but try to mix it up.

Import your images into the design software you’re using and experiment with various layouts, focusing first on your hero shot (which could be a wider angle image or the must-have image the client requested) and then building around it. If the images you’ve chosen feel repetitive, as in maybe they are cropped too similarly, try re-cropping some of the images or place alternate images in their place.

With Fundy, you can also import images of the client’s actual wall space (using an image that they provide) so that you can show them what the wall art would look like on the walls of their own home (see the image above for an example)!