Couples Photography Length | Transcription

We’ve tried couples photography sessions of all different lengths and time. We’ve found that with less than three hours, we generally aren’t able to deliver the variety of shots and scenes that we want to provide with our product, while anything more than three hours becomes quite an extensive shoot, and can often even be too much time, especially for the guys. Most guys will find that a three-hour photo session is already a long time to be taking pictures.

Three hours has been our sweet spot. Within three hours, we are generally able to cover two to three nearby locations, do one to two wardrobe changes, and we deliver in between around 100 to, say, 120 images through a variety of scenes and poses.

Be sure to remind your couple that with a three-hour session, locations do need to be nearby and wardrobe changes do need to be limited. Otherwise, you’re going to find that you’re spending too much of your shoot time traveling in the car or waiting for your clients to get in and out of their wardrobe.

This is the time during planning where, if they suggest locations that are far from each other or too many wardrobe changes, or anything that wouldn’t fit within that standard three-hour block, that we will want to suggest they add additional time to their couples’ photography package.

If you don’t communicate and help them to be realistic with the planning of their shots, locations, and wardrobe, generally you will find that clients try to accomplish too much within a shoot. This is going to lead to either you going over the allotted amount of time to simply capture everything that they want to get, or it will lead to ending the session on time and not capturing everything they want. If you do end up going overtime on a couples’ session, it’s very difficult at that point to try and ask that they pay for the overage, because it was never discussed or brought up during the planning phase. It’s going to seem like it’s coming out of the blue.

Be realistic in the planning stages, and while planning, if you feel like you’re going to need more time to accomplish what the client wants from their mood board, then be sure to state it then. Let your clients make the decision to either add additional time to get all the shots that they want, or to decide on which scenes and shots are the most important to them to capture within the allotted timeframe.