Using Touchpoints For couples poses 

Not all poses are created equally. As such, the look and feel of a given pose can be determined by even the smallest details.

what are touchpoints?

Places on the body between the female and male subject that are touching one another. So why do we care and how does it translate if there are too many touchpoints or too little?


Poses for couples’ photography are complicated enough, now adding hand & feet placement, body facing and language, and eye direction make it ten times worse. Certain poses, for example, use fewer touchpoints to produce a more playful or whimsical look, while other poses can increase the number of touchpoints and elevate the level of intimacy between a couple. Let’s take a look at what small differences can be made during your couples’ photoshoot to evoke a specific emotion. Here are two different genres of poses you are most likely going to come across when directing your couples:

Whimsical couples poses

The less touch points between your subjects, the more whimsical the image will appear in nature. The above image was taken from our CreativeLive instructional class ‘Incredible Engagement Photography’ and was meant to demonstrate how fewer touchpoints lead to a more playful image. Notice the body separation and where their feet are placed, the far removed positioning makes it feel like more of a whimsical pose.

Romantic couples poses

The more touch points between your subjects, the more romantic and intimate that image is going to feel. When we faced the same couple towards each other and increased the amount of touchpoints between them, you can see that it dramatically alters the feel & emotion of the image.

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