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Wedding Workshop Six | Photographing the Details

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Constructive Critique For Wedding Decor Images Participating in constructive critique, whether giving it or receiving it, is a great way to grow as a photographer. To close out the Photographing the Details Workshop, we’re going to look at several images…

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  1. Amanda Burnham

    This has been extremely helpful. I feel like I now have a checklist of things to be aware of that helps to have a bit more pragmatic approach instead of feeling like I have to take time to carefully assess every situation even if I don’t have time. Thank you.
    I do have a question about the open floor space though: Toward the very end, at 1:05 mark, there is a photo with a large wooden floor showing. Was the shooter trying to show the dance floor or is that not something you try to show ever? Only make the room look full? Thanks.

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Wedding Workshop Six | Photographing the Details