Constant Light: LightSaber Arch

This exit uses a very specific light source, and it’s one of the coolest light sources on the planet: Lightsabers! Of course, you’ll need to add your own light source to light the couple. Once again, we will demonstrate how to do this with a constant light, but other light sources will also work.

You may notice our light wand in the shot (it’s the only “saber” not lit), but it blends in pretty well. If you’re using an umbrella, be sure to light the couple from a higher angle at a far enough distance to not be in the image.

For a static shot, in which the couple is not moving, you can safely grid the light to pinlight the couple. If the couple is moving, however, we recommend against gridding the light because you may miss the mark in the moment. Either way, the light source should move with the couple if/when they move.

Try to mix it up after you capture your safely shot so that you can put together a great sequence of images in an album.