Constant Light: Flower Petal Toss

There are several ways for a bride and groom to exit their wedding reception and many of them are creative and grand. One such exit involves a flower petal toss, and we will demonstrate how to cover this type of exit using a constant light. Please understand that other light sources (flashes, strobes, etc.) may be used.
When lighting the couple, light into the bride’s side so that between the bride and groom, the bride’s face is better lit for a more flattering look. The light should be zoomed or gridded to spotlight the couple as opposed to filling the scene with light.

TIP: If the dance floor lights are overpowering the scene with gnarly colors, ask the DJ to adjust them, even if only for the exit.

Be sure to shoot continuously through the entire petal toss, capturing multiple images with minimal movement. Chances are you may need to create a composite during post-production to get the best expressions, unobstructed by flower petals. If you only capture one or two images, you may have to reshoot or deliver a less-than-stellar image. That said, if using a flash to capture this, adjust your settings to keep the flash power and the recycle time low so that you don’t miss a shot.