Condensed Itinerary and Information | Transcription

This is basically where we’re taking all of the details and all of the information that we’ve been fed throughout the course of this entire client relationship. Including the wedding talk-through, including the engagement talk-through, including the engagement shoot itself, including the initial meeting. We’re putting it all together into what we call the condensed itinerary notes and information. This is a document that we’re going to store inside of Ever Note. At least, I’m going to store it there because it works incredibly well. Like I said, I can access it on any device. I can basically design it out on my computer and it’s very very simple.

Essentially what I do in front of my computer, is I’m going to pull up all the different information that I have, and I’m going to work my way through this template combining every piece of information into one single place. The reason for this is because throughout the course of a wedding and planning a wedding, there’s generally going to be tons of information that’s sent out. The coordinator might be sending out details on the overall itinerary itself. It could be on the venue location, venue setups, on where we need to be at what time, where we can offload and onload, what the reception is going to look like and the ballroom layout and the ceremony layout. We’re going to get information from the bride and groom in terms of their mood board, their shot lists, their family formals list, their VIP guide. We’re going to get all of this stuff.

What we want to do is combine everything into one single place so we have one source. We can save it easily to our phone. We can just pull it up in Ever Note. You can also just copy it and just send it in an email format to all of your team members so that they can follow along as well. Once we get all this combined together we’re going to use template emails 08A and 08B to basically send it to our internal team. What’s the information that we’re looking to do? Here’s the simplest way in my mind to do this. I have double screens for my primary work station. I use Ever Note, I pull it up on the left side. I pull up all the relevant documents on the right side. I sit there filling in notes from the mood board, from all these different discussions, into our template.

When I get to the VIP list, what I like to do is actually just take my snipping tool. I’ll just like snip that little tiny portrait of someone’s face and put their name in. I’ll just create that along with the [inaudible 00:02:18] as well so I have this nice long vertical scrolling document that I can just look through at a glance on my phone. Then at any time during the day, now this is what I do. When I’m out actually at my shoots, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an engagement shoot or whether it’s a wedding shoot. When I’m at my shoot I tell my clients, “When I’m looking at my phone I’m looking at our wedding day details. I’m not texting or chatting with anybody else. I just wanted to let you know that.” Otherwise, if you don’t then obviously this can be construed as you not being present and in the moment with them.

The primary information that I’m looking for is my carpool. We start off with carpool and call times and locations. We let our entire team know where they need to be, what time they need to be there, so forth. We give our information on who are the LJB team lead, second, and third shooters with their contact info. We give other key contact information like the still photography team, or cinema team if you are one or the other, and coordinators as well. Coordinators, planners, we want to know their information so we can get ahold of them as needed. We include the engagement link and the wedding mood board link. Once again, we have an idea of what we did for them during the engagement session and what they have in mind for their wedding.

We include special notes and consideration. This is from the prior shoots and talk-throughs. We include locations, addresses, and events. These are all separated so that we can use them as reference material. If I say, “Go to location one, the ceremony. Go to location two, the prep.” It’s actually the other way around. Location one would be prep, location two would be ceremony, location three, so forth. We label the locations so that way it’s very easy to describe them to your team. You don’t need to say, “Uh, yeah you’re going to go to the ceremony location.” They’re like, “What’s the ceremony location?” “Um, it’s not on there.” Label it, so that way it’s very easy to follow and in the condensed itinerary we say location one, location two, location three. That way it’s just referencable.

We have the condensed itinerary, which is basically that wedding timeline that the coordinator is going to send over, or the bride and groom is going to send over. What we’ve done, is we’ve subtracted out all the things that don’t apply to us. Whenever we get a timeline, if it’s from a coordinator, it includes literally everything in the entire day. It includes when the florist is arriving, when the DJ is arriving, what time they’re going to start setting up for lunch, what time they’re going to be serving dinner, what time they’re going to do breakdown. Includes everything, information that we don’t need. In fact, a lot of times 10% of the information applies to us and 90% is towards other vendors. We take all that info and we apply it into our condensed itinerary. Which simply shows the times, the locations and what we’re doing, and who is assigned basically to what if it’s not clear. We’ll make our assignments and make special notes on the itinerary there.

We have our must-have shot list with a few key items. We have our VIP list and we also have our formals photo list. This is all combined into that condensed itinerary and that singular place right here on Ever Note so at any point in time I can pull it up right on my phone. Once we’re done with that we’re going to email it to the team using templates 08A and 08B. Now, 08A is basically, I think, just the template itself. 08B gives you guys a example of a completed template all filled out and so forth. You have both of those.

Remind the team to review the documents. They need to know the information prior to showing up on the day of. Sending it out prior to the wedding and having them not review it is useless. They need to be prepared, because on the day of we’re going to do a team planning walk through. Where we’re actually going to walk through the actual locations, the events, talk through the day and so forth. They need to be familiar at that point with the condensed itinerary notes and information.


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