Conclusion | Transcription

Congratulations everyone, if you’re watching this video then hopefully you’ve watched everything prior, and you didn’t just skip to this video. By this point we’ve taught you really everything you need to know about how to create professional, newborn portraiture with really just your camera, a reflector, and a bit of your own creativity and imagination. I would encourage you all to get out there and start shooting newborn photos utilizing the lighting, posing, and shooting techniques that you’ve learned here. As you shoot, be sure to submit your images to our constructive critic section on the SLR lounge website for feedback from not only the community, but also from the SLR lounge staff. Once again thank you for your support, and if you enjoy our products and resources, you can help us as well as other photographers out by sharing your experience and review SLR lounge products. Again, thank you, my name is Pye and I’ll see you all in the next video.