Conceal Vs. Reveal

Before you photograph a scene, you must decide what to conceal and what to reveal. Here’s a simple formula for helping you decide what to show and how to reveal it: The more grand/epic a scene is, the wider you shoot. The less grand it is, the tighter you shoot to isolate the best elements within a scene.

You can use a similar formula to determine how high or low your angle should be. Basically, the grander a scene, the higher angle you can take to showcase more of the overall scene. Likewise, the less epic a scene, the lower your angle should be to conceal more of the location/objects.

Depth of field is also another feature you can use to reveal or conceal more of a scene. A shallower depth of field will help blur out the background if it’s not too appealing, and a deeper depth of field with a narrow aperture will reveal more of the background, depending on how you frame your subject.