Complete Story And Cohesiveness Required

Photographers need to tell complete stories, but they also need to be cohesive for wall art, albums, and blogs. Photographers also need to be able to deliver consistently great, cohesive stories with every shoot, regardless of the circumstances.

We’re often tempted to shoot the main, epic shot, and then move on to a new location or switch up the poses, but there’s a lot of ways to tell a story within a single location and/or pose. Again, it goes back to capturing different angles, including wide, medium, and tight shots. We shouldn’t need to visit 16 locations during a shoot when one or two scenes should suffice.

If scenes lose cohesion, they cannot be used in album spreads or wall art designs, and the wall art products won’t be seen as a single piece. To avoid losing cohesion, setup the scene and lighting to be consistent. Slow down, walk through the scene, and capture wide, medium, and tight angles to aid the storytelling. Remember to capture the details and the scenery, and shoot your subjects individually as well as together.

Here’s a simple formula breakdown:

  1. Setup scene/lighting
  2. Pose couple > walk the scene
  3. Think wide, medium, tight
  4. Slow down, take time
  5. Visualize the story
  6. Shoot subjects individually
  7. Remember details/scenery