Common Myths + Truths Unknown

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Regardless of whether or not you’ve already started your photography business, it helps to pause and ensure that you understand your market as well as review your business plan. For those just starting, this section will also help you effectively launch your business.

Expectations & Aspirations

There are a number of myths in the business of photography.

  • “Nobody makes money in photography.”
  • “You must have a studio.”
  • “Your portfolio has to be perfect.”
  • “You need the best camera and lenses.”
  • “Any and every magic bullet solution.”
  • “Your brand/identity must be perfect.”
  • “If you take great pics, you will succeed.”
  • “My market/clients won’t pay that price.”
  • “Full RAW only.”
  • “Working for free is a waste of time.”

Some unknown truths:

  • You matter more than your camera/product in the success of your business.
  • Education is greater than gear.
  • Client experience trumps all.
  • The business of photography is more about the experience than the product itself.

When looking over the list of myths and truths, some core takeaways reveal themselves. You don’t have to be the best photographer with the best gear to succeed in the business of photography, and creating a positive client experience can mean the difference between an unsatisfied and a very happy client, regardless of how insanely great (or just great) the photos are.





Total Course Run Time: 7H 50M 44S


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