Clean Pastels

Even within a strong image, there will almost always be details that can be improved. It should also be noted that using effects like LED String Lights to enhance an image in camera will also affect post-processing. To edit the photo of our couple in the office park, we started by cropping the image to straighten the trees and horizon. We then checked White Balance by pressing “W” and selecting the white dress with the color dropper to find the approximate white balance of the scene. When post-processing for a pastel look, you’ll want to keep the colors in the scene somewhat neutral. We recommend using either the Soft Pastel Colors preset (11i) or one of the LJP Color Film presets, such as Fuji 400h or Kodak Portra 800. Next, adjust exposure and contrast to taste. You might also try using the Sun Flare brush from the Special Effects brushes to add a little extra, well, flare to the image.