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Unscripted | Photo Shoot BTS Season 1
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Scrimming & Bouncing Light In our second video, we focus on using the sunlight as both a backlight and our main light source. We switch from using a white scrim to diffuse the sunlight on our couple, to using the…

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  2. Jaikumar Menon

    Great Videos lots to learn

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  3. Nayibe Buitrago

    Thank you so much, SO HELPFUL <3

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  4. Daeshawn Ballard

    I think this is great!I just wish there were videos of not having an assistant. How would you achieve your shots srimming solo.

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  5. Kendrick Wright

    What type of lens are you using? Looks great!

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  6. Allan Gonzalez

    WOW! I absolutely love this shoot.

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Unscripted | Photo Shoot BTS Season 1