QUIZ: Photographing the Details: Chapter Three Quiz


If the ceremony site does not look grand or epic, you can make it appear grander by ______.


Wide ceremony site detail images typically visually include ______.


If vendors or guests are visible in the scene while you are capturing your wide ceremony or reception site shot, you should ______.


Background composition is less important in medium shots than it is in wide shots because the focus is more on the closer up objects.


When shooting close-up details, we recommend shooting at a deeper depth of field to keep more of the details in focus.


A ______ is an example of a hero in a medium reception detail shot.


A ______ is an example of a hero in a tight reception detail shot.


Vendors and venues usually prefer detail images that feature different lighting, color, etc. within a single scene to showcase multiple looks for the ceremony or reception sites. In other words, the images do not need to be cohesive in terms of lighting, color, etc.