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Chapter Three Chapter Three takes you on a behind the scenes look at how we photograph our couples in harsh sunlight. We preserve all the detail in the sky and available light by using off camera flashes to fill in…

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  1. James Ogden

    Pye, great shots, knowing which focal length is used would be beneficial as well. :)

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  2. Kelvin Strepen

    I hope, they will be happy to the entire life.

    | |
  3. Abraham Yang

    Pye, seems like you’re shooting the same locations for most of your shoots. Do you find that your clients don’t mind it or should location scouting be an active part of doing business? Thanks!

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  4. Allan Gonzalez

    Super funny couple! Loved those shots. Awesome job Pye. you rock!

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  5. Jody McNary

    The water shots are so awesome, Pye. I wish I lived near the ocean!!

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  6. Jody McNary

    Pye, How do you keep both in focus with such a low aperture?
    I always thought that I needed a F4 or higher to keep both sharp. Was I wrong? Beautiful work!!

    | | Edited  
  7. Robin John

    Excellent BTS

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  8. Robin John

    Man I love the smiles your able to get out of them

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