QUIZ: Photographing The Details: Chapter Six Quiz


General goals with details and post-production include the following:


To adjust the brightness of an overexposed pin light in an image in Lightroom, one should ______.


Controlling high intensity colors will be done using the HSL sliders (as one of the steps) in Lightroom.


To transform the shape of wedding/party invitations into their proper dimensions (if not done in camera), on could click on the ______ button in the Transform box in Lightroom.


Only the “Spherical” option will show you a preview of a pano-stitch image in Lightroom, whereas the “Cylindrical” or “Perspective” options will not show a preview.


We recommend adjusting and syncing pano-stitch images before stitching them rather than after in order to shorten editing time by working with smaller file sizes.


To make a room appear to fuller (having more tables at one time than were really present, etc.), you can create a _____ photo, which is made up of multiple images.