New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

QUIZ: Wedding Workshop 2: Photographing The Groom | Chapter 1


This course covers which of the following aspects of photographing the groom?


There might be some timelines that allow the lead to photography the groom, but more often than not, it is the second shooter’s responsibility.


If we were to recommend one lens to have for photographing the groom, which would it be?


The three lenses we suggested (50mm, 85mm, & 100mm) are our recommendations for full frame and cropped sensor cameras.


The most prominent issue we’ve encountered using the 24-70mm f/2.8 during groom prep is:


Which lens do we recommend for ‘in-the-action’ shots?


All the gear we recommend in this course are simply suggestions. You should rent or borrow the gear first, test it out, and see if you can apply it to your style.


Which of the following light modifiers is the most portable and efficient for natural light portraits?


For shooting in low light we require our second shooters to have a ___________ that has focus assist.


You can use a grid on your flash to:


The Lowel GL-1 gives you more ________ than the Wescott Ice Light.


In our studio, we require our lead shooters to take the ________ cards home while our second shooters are responsible for the ________ cards.


Shoot any scene in the Groom’s prep room as is. Any junk or distracting items in the background can be removed in post production.


Spending a couple of minutes observing the Groom & his Groomsmen will help dictate how you can pose and interact with them throughout the day.

Wedding Workshop Two | Photographing the Groom