QUIZ: Photographing Group Portraits: Chapter Five Quiz


Between the two posing styles for group portraits, editorial posing is generally more difficult and time-consuming than symmetrical posing.


_____ posing for group portraits will likely get more shares on social media than ______ posing because it is often deemed more visually interesting.


One of the pros of editorial posing over symmetrical posing is that editorial posing provides ______.


To start the process for editorial posing, we recommend beginning by ______.


A pose can only be balanced if there are an even number of subjects in the frame.


When it comes to the editorial images that you will want to capture, the primary groups you will photograph in the editorial style include ______:


Generally speaking, when posing a large group, ______ should be placed near the couple in the center of the frame.


We recommend attempting editorial poses if you have a minimum of _____ to capture the images you need to capture, though this can vary depending on the group and situational circumstances.