Chapter 5 Intro | Transcription

We’re going to prepare for the wedding talk through and go through the actual talk through itself. What we’re going to be doing is talking about pre-wedding talk through email, the items that we want to request. We’re going to prepare for the talk through and then we’re going to go through the talk through itself.

We’re going to go into The First 3-5 Minutes – Part 3. This is actually Part 4. Remember The First 15 Minutes – Part 2? It should have been Part 3 and Part 2 was in the engagement talk-through and so forth. Anywho … then we’re going to go into Tuning Into Their Vision during that wedding walk-through, or talk through.

We’re going to do a timeline walk-through where we basically go through the entire timeline and this is really more of a time line talk through. I should get these things specific because we’re not actually walking like, to someplace, we are talking … through.

Then we’re going to discuss the family portraits and the formals and the Condensed Itinerary & Information we’re going to put together and send out to the team.

This is prepping for our wedding day. Prepping for a successful shoot. This is American Idol! … I mean, Chapter 5. Let’s go ahead.


The Initial Meeting

Prepping for the Engagement Talk Through

Engagement Shoot Prep & Communication

Prepping for the Wedding Day Talk Through

Wedding Day Preparation & Communication


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