QUIZ: From Shoot to Post: Chapter 4


If portrait sessions during a wedding are shot and processed in a light and airy style, the ceremony and reception details should be shot and processed ______.


Images with strong light flares can generally be characterized as having ______.


If an image is hazy due to light flare, it often helps to ______ in post.


When recreating sun flare with a flash, the exposure bias should be to preserve highlights.


In a mixed lighting situation with no light modification (flashes, gels, etc.), you can use ______ during post processing to save the photos.


There is really no way to fix uneven lighting in post because you will have to blow out highlights in brighter subjects to properly expose the darker lit subjects.


If the ambient light in a room is “bad,” you should ______ to make the lighting look better.


The best way to fix seriously bad lighting issues is to discuss details like location and time of day during the planning process before the event date.