Welcome to Chapter Four. This chapter is all about engagement shoot preparation, as well as on-shoot communication. What we want to do is set ourselves up for success by making sure that we are correctly prepared, and then when we get out to the shoot, we do our location scouting and so forth, and we communicate empathetically and effectively with our clients to make sure that they are ecstatic with the images and the overall experience.

What we’re going to be covering is preparing for the shoot, this includes kind of preparing our gear and going through the equipment checklist and so forth. We’re going to talk about same-day location scouting. The first fifteen minutes part deux, that’s French for, “Two,” in case you missed that. I don’t know, it could happen. Then, we’re going to go over the Foundation Posing Framework Primer and give you guys a real world example of how we start every shoot from a communication standpoint.

We’re going go into how to address and resolve shoot concerns in the moment and on the day of the shoot, as well as ten ways, during the shoot, to build trust, confidence, and the relationship. Finally, we’re going to conclude with four reasons why teasers are so fantastically awesome. Let’s jump in.


The Initial Meeting

Prepping for the Engagement Talk Through

Engagement Shoot Prep & Communication

Prepping for the Wedding Day Talk Through

Wedding Day Preparation & Communication


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