Chapter 4 Intro | Transcription

Let’s jump into Chapter Four. Now Chapter Four is all about Off-Camera Modified Pocket & Medium Strobe Techniques. We’re going to be introducing medium strobes like the Bolt VB-22 or basically its counterparts, the Godox and so forth, and also full-feature medium strobes like the Profoto B2 that we have down there.

We’re going to talk about basically several different techniques, so basically chapter three was all about building bare bulb techniques, Chapter Four is all about building modified pocket  strobe techniques or off-camera modified pocket strobe techniques. Once we get to Chapters Five and Six, it’s all about seeing like an artist, thinking like your camera and about analyzing and refining your scenes. These two scenes is really going to build all the techniques, the additional things we’re going to be showing you.

We’re going to start out with the flash modifier that you already own. Now that’s basically how … We’re going to show you how using scrims and reflectors and so forth, which you already saw in Lighting 101, but we’re going to be doing it this time with off-camera flash, and with scrims we’re going to do some really cool stuff. We’re going to demonstrate the oh-so powerful umbrella, not only for a couples session, but also for a large group shot. We’re going to take that previous group shot and we’re going to improve upon that technique. Then we’re going to show you our favorite technique even later on. We’re going to go into exposure balancing via lightroom with that group shot, just to demonstrate how we would go about actually fixing and evening out an exposure for large group shots. We’re going to get into portable softboxes. We’re going to talk through the Westcott Apollo series, which is an amazing series of softboxes that operate light umbrellas, that we get to show you on shoot now.

We’re going to talk about basically if you need more light control, you can simply grid your off-camera lights. We’re going back to Lighting 101, but this time our grids are getting larger here in Lighting 201, and we’re building it using off-camera flash instead of on-camera flash. We’re going to go into dusk with modified pocket strobes. This is kind of one of those ideal situations for pocket strobes, is that like dusk hour. When we need more power we’re going to introduce our medium strobes. So more power, medium strobes. FTW means for the win, that’s like a little gaming term. Then we’re going to go into perfecting it in-camera and then Photoshop. Basically what we’re talking about is how you can really do a lot with real light shaping in-camera, getting it almost flawless in-camera to the point where it’s just nearly perfect and then doing whatever you need additionally on top of that inside of Photoshop. First, perfecting in-camera.

We’re going to go into adding to existing light, this is part two. What we’re going to basically demonstrate, again with modified flash, how we would add to existing light to really give a scene a little bit of extra oomph. Next we move to adding or enhancing light direction. We’re going to jump into our ideal group lighting techniques and we’re going to do incorporating flashes with flares or flares with flashes, either way. It’s a really cool technique where you can really balance out and hone those balancing skills while using an ambient light flare along with your flash to get really cool results. Finally we’re going to end the chapter with cutting light with grids and using GOBOs to create really fantastic effects.