Chapter 2 | Welcome to the Initial Meeting | Transcription

Now this chapter is all about each component that we discuss with our clients during an initial meeting.

For this, what we’re going to end up doing is discussing different key points that we want to discuss regarding the engagement shoot, regarding the mood board, the timeline. We’re going to talk about basically the first 15 minutes of the meeting. I’m kind of going out of order, but that is okay, because you can just read this in whatever order you like. This is kind of like me playing an impromptu set for you all, rather than just playing my music off the CD.

Make sense? Okay.

With all of these things, we’re going to give you discussion tips and guidance and then we’re going to show you real world examples using an actual couple. We have Dane and Jessica. They are actual clients who have been so gracious as to come into the studio and help us record their initial meeting and all those things and basically they’re designed to kind of be a mock initial just how it was when they came in initially to this studio.

We actually ended up photographing their wedding one week prior to recording this entire initial meeting and all of our walk-throughs and everything for this course. We’re using their actual materials from their mood board, for the engagement session. We’re using the actual materials from their wedding and so forth. Everything is designed to be as real as possible.

The one thing that I want to note here, which is very important, is we’re going to basically be discussing every single possible topic that we typically will talk about during an initial meeting. This means that you don’t need to talk about all those things during an initial meeting. We talk about the pieces that are most relevant to our couples. We don’t try and get through every single thing here, because that would be a two hour initial meeting and unless you and they want to meet for that period of time, that’s just unreasonable.


The Initial Meeting

Prepping for the Engagement Talk Through

Engagement Shoot Prep & Communication

Prepping for the Wedding Day Talk Through

Wedding Day Preparation & Communication


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