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You are watching a free tutorial from Wedding Workshop One | Communication, Planning, & Happy Clients.
To view the entire course, upgrade to Premium or purchase it in the SLR Lounge Store.

You are watching a free tutorial from Wedding Workshop One | Communication, Planning, & Happy Clients.
To view the entire course, upgrade to Premium or purchase it in the SLR Lounge Store.

Communication Planning and Ecstatically Happy Clients | Transcription

Please Note: Before we jump in, make sure that you have the downloadable PDF pulled up to follow along with it. The downloadable PDF has all of the slides and notes that we are going to be covering in this entire course. You can download the complete PDF in this workshop’s exercise files section or download the slides individually as you work your way through each chapter in this workshop.

Let’s dive into Chapter One and Chapter One is all about communication, communication, communication. In fact, this entire course is to help you communicate and effectively plan for consistently amazing images with every client, every shoot, and in every situation. Our overall mission is consistently incredible images. We’re going to dive into the 4 key skills of the successful photographer and talk about these different components and kind of the weight and importance of each of them. We’re going to talk about 3 tips for preventing any client frustrations and how over is better than under communication.

Finally, we’re going to end with every client is your only client. Again, what we want to do in chapter one, is help you to understand the overall mission and purpose for what we’re doing here in this course because what we’re doing here is setting yourself up for success and this is something that isn’t covered in any other wedding workshop or any other shoot planning course.

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  1. Katharine Kimball

    Nothing happens when I click on downloads…trying to access downloadable PDF at the start of this workshop….what’s up?

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  2. Kobus Kruger

    OK, my apologies. I see its in a Word doc as well. Thanks.

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  3. Kobus Kruger

    Dear Pye and Co. I think your material is generally of very high standard and addresses topics that are generally regarded as hard earned experience. However, I am from South Africa and the exchange rate to USD is rather horrific. Therefor, when you release materials we generally expect to be able to use these materials comfortably. Referring in particular to, for instance the PDF’s in the workshop. Have you tried to print this stuff? This should be on at least 3 pgs and in black ink, its a reference document and not marketing material. Please could you address this urgently, else I cant make much headway with following the material and using it in practice. Thanks.

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  4. Robert Slowley

    Feeling rather betrayed about this. I had registered so I could buy this as soon as it was released, and now I find that the only way to access it is to pour money in to SLR Lounge’s new monthly rental system.


    I would have bought this immediately at almost any price, but you’ve permanently lost me as a customer. I am not a cash cow there for you to be milked.

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    • Christopher Lin

      Hi Robert. Thanks for the feedback. We are going to release the full workshop when it’s edited and complete. This should be within a couple months.

      In the meantime, we are going to release the chapters we finish within the Premium framework. But rest assured that we will offer it in our store when it’s all done. Nothing has changed there.

      The subscription model was the answer to a popular request from many community members who wanted a streaming solution that included all of our education and a price point under what they would pay for all of the workshops individually. We’ve received a lot of great feedback and users are really enjoying the additional features like the quizzes and assignments.

      Regardless, your feedback is important and we are listening to you. Thanks for your support and we hope you can see our perspective.

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