Ceremony: The Couple

After the bride arrives at the altar, the lead shooter can decide to either stay with photographing the couple or begin capturing the ceremony with creative angles and/or special effects. This really depends on how much “down time” there is, or how slow the action is during the early part of the ceremony. Like before, the second and third shooters should keep eyes on the couple and their respective sides to capture important moments and great expressions. We suggest, if possible, trying to hold the camera close to your face while stationed at any one position to ensure you don’t miss moments. Holding the camera down by your side while watching the ceremony increases your chances of missing great moments.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the lenses, settings, and positions/shots needed for this section of the ceremony:


  • LEAD: 24-70mm, 70-200mm
  • SECOND: 24-70mm, 70-200mm
  • THIRD: 70-200mm or SFX (Working across distance, opposite to #2)


  • SHUTTER SPEEDS: Ideally (1/500+) low-light (1/160+)
  • EXPOSURE: Max histogram without clipping shadows (highlight alert always on!)


  • LEAD: Front Aisle (wide, medium, tight)
  • SECOND: Her side (wide, medium, tight)
  • THIRD: His side (wide, medium, tight)