Ceremony: Moments

Among the many important moments that make up a wedding ceremony, there are certain moments that are especially important, including the ring exchange, lighting of candles, giving of flowers to the parents, sand pouring (in which the bride and groom each pour sand from separate glasses into one glass), and other culturally specific traditions, like a tea ceremony, which some couples work into the wedding ceremony. The focal lengths used should allow shooters to capture close-up details of the action as well as the medium and wide shots in order to tell a complete story.

Here are the lenses, settings, and positions/shots to consider for covering special moments during the ceremony:


  • LEAD: 24-70mm, 70-200mm
  • SECOND: 70-200mm (most often)
  • THIRD: 70-200mm (opposite angle to #2)


  • SHUTTER SPEEDS: Ideally (1/500+) low-light (1/160+)
  • EXPOSURE: Max histogram without clipping shadows (highlight alert always on!)


  • LEAD: Front Aisle (wide, medium, tight)
  • SECOND: Her side (wide, medium, tight)
  • THIRD: His side (wide, medium, tight)