Case Study #4 – Watch Your Lenses & Angles

Whether you are shooting a male or female subject, angles always matter. A subtle change in angle can drastically alter an image both artistically and aesthetically.


The more symmetrical a persons face is the more appealing, according to societal behavior. Direct eye contact with the camera can strongly showcase lack of symmetry. A general rule of thumb to follow is to shoot from the side of non-symmetry because anything further away from the camera will be exaggerated.


For facial positioning, the lens of choice doesn’t matter as much as the angle that you position your subject, but for full length portraits your lens of choice determines the distortion effects on your subject’s frame and body. The wider the lens the more naturally distorted the edges will be. If you are getting unflattering and disproportionate images step back and assess whether or not you are using the right type of lens for your subject and scene.