Case Study #2: Epic Prints vs. Clusters and Spreads: Cohesion Is Key

When it comes time to place your photos next to one another in the form of a collage on a wall, or a spread in an album, you will most likely struggle if you didn’t shoot scenes from your session in a consistent, cohesive manner. It can be difficult to design a cohesive layout if the background, color tone, and composition in each image varies greatly. For example, a dramatically lit, wide editorial shot would probably not pair well with a series of bright and airy candid or detail portraits. Though each look can be achieved at the same time and within the same scene, it’s important to envision the end product and shoot accordingly. Also, while epic prints tend to stand on their own and do not require multiple shots to accompany them, we still recommend making the most of each scene and shooting wide, medium, and close-up shots for more storytelling possibilities down the line.