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Case Study 2 | Desert Sunset | Transcription I wanted to use this as a case study because this is one of those situations where, I’ll be the first person to admit that for this particular shot on top, bouncing…

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  1. Peter Shaw

    Hey, I found the 3 minute explanation at the beginning (why teach on-camera flash techniques when off-camera flash methods might be better) to be super useful!

    This is something that’s been bugging me all through this course.  Pye’s explanation about MacGyver skills finally put this whole course in context for me.  

    This is a really eloquent synopsis of “why use a single on-camera flash + reflector when you have an off-camera flash option available”.  

     Maybe a version of this basic discussion can be moved to the very beginning of the course?  (Maybe there already is but I missed it) 

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Lighting 101