New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Photography 101

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The Camera Is Simply A Tool Professional grade cameras can enhance the quality of an image, but it can’t create the image itself. Check out our demonstration and see if you can distinguish which photo was taken with an $800…

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  1. John Chan

    I guessed correctly. I saw in image A there is some bush in front of the suitcase. It’s not there in image B. So I deduced that the photographer had to walk closer with a full frame camera to match the composition of the crop sensor. And by moving closer he may be in front of that said bush now.  

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  2. Gabe Hoogesteger

    i saw that the rebel was clearer than th 5d mark III

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  3. John Sumalinog

    Im new to photography, and just got my Canon 6D. Im really learning a lot from this video.

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  4. Allan Gonzalez

    I couldn’t really tell from these sample images. But I was paying attention at the video and I saw that the picture from the 5D mark III was brighter and greenish. So that’s how I guessed.

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