New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Recreating Golden Hour

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Camera & Flash Power Settings for Recreating Golden Hour Whatever our field of view is going to be in camera, dictates how much area we need to cover with our flash or strobe. That is going to be the first…

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  1. Will Santiago

    Recreating Golden Hour Question:
    1.) when is the right time to use the ND filter and when to avoid using it on recreating Golden hour?
    2.) When you focus your camera do you have the ND Filter already infront of the lens? wouldn’t that make it hard for the camera to focus?
    3.) If you use the flash to backlit the subject, do you still put a flash infront of the subject?
    thanks for the help guys!

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  2. kim williams

    Mind boggling! Wow!

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  3. Edwin Effendi

    ok Pye, “MIND BLOWNNNNNN” ;)

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Recreating Golden Hour