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This course, the third in the Business Workshop Series, will explore how to find clients, grow your brand, and organically increase your leads.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Scott Maddern

    Right, I am going through that course now. Seems like a big topic to skip over on this video course though. Especially when using the key word/buzz word  “SEO” in the title. maybe a moderator can explain ?

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    • Sean Lewis

      We are releasing the the Business Course Series one chapter per week, so more content (including SEO-specific content) will be released in the coming weeks. The next chapter will be released tomorrow.

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  2. Scott Maddern

    I love the content, but I thought this course was going to have more about SEO. Am I confused about what SEO is? I did not really see anything on that specifically.

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    • Jared Elrod

      EDIT: I see now that the course is labeled as SEO. Probably haven’t got to that part yet but until then my comment below should help.

      That is a separate course. Click “Browse Workshops” then “Business Success” Then you will see the SEO for Photographers ebook. 

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Business Course Three | Marketing & SEO For Photographers