bride posing guide

We’ve covered flattering posing for male subjects in Photographing the Groom, figuring out ways to accentuate features and conceal lack of symmetry, now it’s time to take a look at female posing.


The subject of flattering female posing warrants an entire workshop with the nuances in poses and the art of direction. In this chapter we discuss 15 key points to pay attention to and think about during your shoot, all of which will help guide you to creating a flattering, feminine, pose.

  • 1. Narrow stance
  • 2. Drop/drag toe
  • 3. One knee crosses center
  • 4. Hip kicked
  • 5. Straight spine
  • 6. Arm space (drag finger up thigh
  • 7. Hands posed with purpose or at rest
  • 8. Relaxed joints
  • 9. 90 degrees bend in the arm to show energy vs. natural bends
  • 10. Avoid duplication/mirroring
  • 11. Neck extended (slightly)
  • 12. Neck to extend line of spine
  • 13. Chin down/eyes up (softness)
  • 14. Chin up/eyes down (power)
  • 15. walk heel over toe