Bride & Bridal Party Getting Ready Photos

These are the images of our bride getting ready, stepping into her dress, having the bridesmaids help out, exchanging gifts between the couple or the bridesmaids, the writing of the vows, etc.

The must-haves of the bridal party getting ready is just a reiteration of the process we follow for all of our scenes:

  • Environmental
  • Reactions
  • Close-ups


The environmental portrait shows off the entire scene, what they are doing, and where they are doing it. Then we step in closer to get reactions and expressions making sure everyone’s faces are visible because the bride has chosen these specific people to be a part of her special day. Incorporate them into the photographs with direction and have them involved to show action instead of posing them side by side. The last part of the storytelling process is to capture the closer details of the action: zipping up the dress, placing the jewelry and the shoes on the bride, etc. The three compositions are imperative for both the sales and marketing aspects of your photography business.

*Note for Male Photographers: be sensitive to the fact that your bride may want privacy for moments during prep. Often times photographers get caught up in capturing things in the moment that they forget to ask whether or not the bride is comfortable with the scenario.