Bouquet/Garter Goals and Must-Haves

When photographing the bouquet or garter toss, the bride or groom will take center attention early on (the bride for the bouquet, the groom for the garter toss), but the focus should ultimately be on the group who’s trying to catch the flying object. The action often moves quickly, and you can’t ask for a do-over, so it helps to know what to expect and how to light the scene so that you can move into position before the moment has passed.

For these types of scenes, zoom lenses (such as a 24-70mm) work well because they allow photographers to capture both wide and tight angles of the action. Bouquet and garter tosses usually draw large groups of “single” participants, so 24mm focal length should work for capturing the entire group while the 70mm focal length will allow for closer shots of expressions, which are usually pretty funny (as illustrated below in the example from the video of the girls diving for the bouquet).