Bounce Flash With Rims

When pinned lighting is not an option, bounce flash with rims is the next best go-to. This setup usually takes 2-3 minutes and requires a neutral-color ceiling/wall as well as 1-2 stands.

Even though you might have the equipment to use pinned lighting, sometimes the placement of the cake will limit your ability to find an adequate angle for such a lighting setup. This is when bounce flash comes in handy. When using a bounce flash, remember that objects closer to the light source will be brighter. Because the light source is located on your camera, the significance of your distance from the subject increases. In other words, you’ll need to choose a position that will allow you to evenly lights the subjects; otherwise, the bride may be overexposed while the groom is properly exposed, etc.

Key tips for this lighting method include the following:

  1. Don’t blow out the cake!
  2. Shoot in-the-action (24-70mm)
  3. High action = more clicks
  4. Watch shutter speed/ambient
  5. Toss bad expressions

Although your choices may be somewhat limited based on the cake’s location, remember that there is in fact still room to move (compare the images below with the image at the top).

Random Tip: Watch for shadows from OCF rims!

Tip: Keep clicking for ideal expressions and then cull down to keep the best (see image above).