Bounce Flash: New Year’s Countdown

Although we’ve repeatedly listed bounce flash as one of the last go-to options for lighting a scene, there are some scenes that benefit greatly from this type of light source.

In this New Year’s Countdown image, there were DJ lights and other light sources from the exploding confetti canisters. We didn’t feel the need to add additional rim lights, and the bounce fit this scenario perfectly. Spotlighting can be risky in a one-chance must-have moment like this.

If you’re trying to take multiple shots at a higher flash power, we recommend using a battery pack to miss fewer shots (see above). Even with a battery pack, you may still expect to miss a shot here and there.

TIP: It doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve to capture this image.

To capture the shot, elevate your position (stand on a chair, for example, with your shoes off), and aim the on-camera bounce flash up and forward so that the light can reach as far back as possible. For other settings, see the diagram above.