Beach: Natural Light, Pt. 2

Try to focus less on shooting in numerous locations, and instead focus more on fully utilizing each scene at your chosen location. Slowing down the pace of the shoot might also benefit your subjects as they’ll have more time to get comfortable in front of the camera. Hopefully, before the shoot, perhaps during the initial consultation or mood board review, you will have had time to establish inside jokes or figure out triggers to get them to emote (maybe from conversations about how they met, etc.), which you can now use to help relax your subjects and get them thinking about each other rather than the camera. Plus, the more often you change locations, the more restarts you have to go through to get your subjects back into the zone.

When shooting with natural light, it’s worth noting that you can still shoot dramatic images based on how you adjust your camera settings and how you pose/angle your subjects. If you stop down the exposure for a darker, moodier image, for example, you can still backlight your subjects and angle their faces/bodies to retain a rim light to separate them from the background.