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Over the last twenty years, camera technology has come a long way. Although advanced camera gear has become more accessible and easier to use, some aspects of photography remain dependent on the skills and talents of a photographer.

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  1. kim williams

    Pye, I think the thing that  made the moment so awkward was the silence during the process of setting up the shot.  Does saying something to the client like ” let me take a couplet of test shots to get the lighting perfect, and  then proceed to adjust and keep the dialog going so they are included in the process

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  2. Edwin Effendi

    Pye, you couldn’t stress this out more than before. Yet I am in agreement 12345%, this happens in “Model” shoots too, not just normal clients. If they are not in their mood, their emotion won’t show in a picture. Here we are expecting “PROFESSIONAL MODELS” to be who they are, but they are the same as us… “HUMANS”.

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