Basic Pose Conclusion | Transcription

Great job. We’ve gone through all of our basic poses, and at this point I want you to think of what we’ve done so far as basically our newborn posing framework. Now, this framework is going to differ quite a bit from, say, a couple’s photography framework, because with couple’s photography we can literally follow steps A through Z in order and have a good structure to it. With newborns it’s going to differ because we kind of have to move to the beat of the newborn’s drum, but at the same time there are certain things that we can say or we can systematize in this posing framework, and that is that most of our poses, most of the shots  that we’re going to get are going to be based on these three basic poses. We have our three basic posing positions. Our back position, our side position, and our tummy position.

Now from these poses, we want to capture our expressions and details prior to moving the baby into the new poses. We want to try and minimize the overall movement so the baby isn’t constantly being disturbed. While the baby is comfortably in a back pose, try to get all of your basic back poses at once, and so forth when you get to the side and the tummy poses. While we have this basic posing framework for newborns again I want to remind you that this is a newborn session, so there’s going to be times when you just can’t get the baby into that tummy pose or on to the side pose. In those situations don’t force it. Always start with the pose that the baby is most comfortable with. Generally for me, I found that the easiest pose to start with is usually the back pose. This is why I always start my shoots or in general start the shoots with that back pose.

Get your basics, get all of your expressions, your details, different looks and then move on. Once we have those basics covered, work with the newborn and try to get some of the other poses and other shots, but knowing that you’ve already covered the must-haves. From here we’re going to start working on creating some simple and artistic sets, and different looks. We have all of our basics, so really this is our time just to kind of relax, have fun, and see what we can come up with.