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Lighting 201

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Bare Bulbing with Large Groups | Transcription Is it possible to bare bulb flash with large groups? Absolutely, and this is a fantastic technique. Why? Not necessarily because this is the ideal technique for lighting large group shots like this….

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  1. jetho bayud

    is there going to be a real tutorial here? I’ve been watching since the lighting 101 and all that is happening here is just reading. I’m starting to get bored and regret to upgrade my membership. 1st it’s too long. 2nd I can read. unlike the lightroom crash course I can watch and at the same time follow pye at his work phase.

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  2. James Garcia

    Questions regarding the cross lighting technique. Is we do a cross lighting technique with each strobe firing at let’s say the left at full power and the right at half, would that still create the straight on flash look?

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