Bad Prep Room? Light It & Tight It!

Although this title makes absolutely no sense, I love to rhyme so I couldn’t resist and now you’ll never forget this trick. As we mentioned in the last video, prep rooms can be filled with junk, makeup, shoes, you name it, so what is the best way to shoot it if you don’t have the option of going elsewhere?


Find a way to light your subject and darken the rest of the foreground so that you spotlight them while simultaneously avoiding the junk that surrounds your bride. In this scene above our makeup artist carried her own LED light with her making it easy to pinpoint the bride without adding an off-camera flash, but know that it could have been easily duplicated with a gridded OCF.


Use what you have around you to create interesting compositions that help you frame your subject and reduce the appearance of unwanted items. Getting in tighter and literally crop it all out and focus on the emotion.