Advanced Marketing And Email Funnels

The following three marketing techniques are geared more for post-launch.

  • Giveaway/Styled Shoots: Although challenging to execute, styled shoots will give you an opportunity to work with vendors in a way that’s mutually beneficial. You can find a playbook with more information on the download page.
  • Creating Lead Magnets: Build your relationship with those who visit your website and move closer to converting them into paying customers. You can do this using a lead magnet, which is designed to provide valuable information in exchange for email addresses.  This is a great way to grow your contact list.  You can find a playbook for this topic on the download sheet in the tab to the right.
  • Creating Email Funnels: Email funnels allow you to stay in contact with potential clients and build their interest in your product/services. We’ve provided a playbook for email funnels as well.