6 Must-Have Accessories | Transcription

In this video, we’re going to give you a short list of accessories that comes in extremely handy during a newborn photography session. If you’re shooting, again, as a hobby, then there are always other items that can take the place of some of the items on this list. But if you’re looking to newborn photography as a part of your profession, then, again, these are items that you really will want to have on your shoot in your bag.

Number 1 is Baby wipes. This isn’t a recommendation, this is a must-have. Fortunately, parents of newborns should generally have a good supply of Baby wipes on hand, but again, it never hurts putting a pack in your gear, just in case. Keep Baby wipes ready and available, because it’s not a case of if baby makes a mess, but rather, when. Have them within arms reach during the shoot. I like to pick up large boxes of Baby wipes from Costco. They’re very inexpensive and they come in large packs, so if you do a lot of shoots, save yourself some money and grab them from there.

Item number 2 are Puppy pads. These Puppy pads can be picked up from Amazon or any local pet store, and they’re awesome little items to have on a shoot, because when posing for nude shots, we’ll often use a puppy pad under our newborn right up until that moment that they’re basically ready for their shot. You can image how much mess it’s going to help catch and prevent. In addition, whenever posing newborns over layers of cloth, it’s always a good idea to basically place the puppy pad underneath the first layer. That way, if the baby does have an accident, then only one layer of cloth is going to be affected, as the puppy pad will prevent it from soaking through multiple layers beneath.

Item number 3 is Hand sanitizer. Newborns are very prone to catching colds, and doctors will even encourage to keep newborns away from public places for 6 to 8 weeks. It’s important that you and your assistant respect that, you keep yourselves clean and sanitized through the entire shoot. You want to periodically stop, wash your hands, and every time before handling the baby, make sure you use Hand sanitizer to kill the bacteria on your hands. One important note is to make sure that you get hypoallergenic Hand sanitizer that is scent-free, as newborns do have sensitive skin.

Number 4 is a Space heater. Keeping a newborn warm is one of the most important parts of your shoots. In addition to the dangers of getting sick, your newborn is going to be very unhappy and unwilling to sleep if he or she is too cold when posing. Turning up the heat in the entire room is an option, but again, if you’re frequently shooting newborns, then rather than making everyone in the room sweat, you’re better off just getting a Space heater that can keep the newborn posing area comfortably warm.

All right, let’s move on to item number 5, which are Heating pads. In addition to my Space heater, I’m typically using a Heating pad below the blanket that the newborn is resting on. I like to have one to two Heating pads on hand, just to keep the posing area nice and warm. Again, just like the Space heater, after you set the Heating pads, be sure to test it out, make sure it isn’t too warm for the baby’s skin. I generally leave the Heating pad on the lowest settings, as a newborn’s skin is, again, very sensitive, it can burn very easily, so I want to make sure that I’m erring basically on the side of cool to warm, as opposed to warm to hot. I also always like to keep my Heating pad underneath the padded cloth layers, and never in direct contact with the baby’s skin. That way, again, we’re being much safer.

Lastly, item number 6 is Cotton or Microfiber Gloves. This is for those of you that have cold or clammy hands, like myself, during a shoot. I highly recommend you get a set of these Cotton or Microfiber Gloves for newborn photography. I use these Nike thin microfiber running gloves, because they have capacitative fingertips, and that means that even while wearing the gloves, I can still use touch-activated devices like an iPhone or iPad or Android device. Whatever you like to use. They’re only around 30 bucks, and if you plan on doing a lot of newborn shoots and you have cold or clammy hands, this is a great solution. Plus, it makes you look awesome. Without these gloves, basically every time I touch a newborn, it wakes them up because my hands are cold, and that’s something that they don’t like. Look into that as well.

For our 6 recommended accessories for newborn photography, let’s head on to our next video and discuss a little about props.