3 Tips For Submitting Your Photo Collection To Publications

Now that we’ve talked about how to get published, it’s time to detail how to submit your collection of photos to your chosen publication.

Here are three methods of submission:

1. Wedding coordinators

Often times, the wedding coordinators will favor certain publications and possibly have connections to them based on previous submissions. If you are shooting decor images to meet the coordinator’s needs, then chances are the publications that the coordinator prefers will be open to publishing the style of images you’re capturing. If you’ve discussed the style for photos ahead of time (such as bright and airy, etc.) and captured the shots well, then there’s a chance that the coordinators may be willing to submit the images, which takes that task off of your list of things to do.

You can find more tips on preparing your images for print in the S3: Shooting Stories That Sell workshop.

2. Two Bright Lights (www.twobrightlights.com)

Two Bright Lights is a photo submission and publication platform that allows you to submit images to publications, and their “matching” tool can help you choose publications that will match your images/style. This method is mostly hands-off as Two Bright Lights does most of the work for you.

3. Manual submission through the magazine

Manual submissions work best after you’ve created relationships with the publications to which you submit your work. Several publications (junebugweddings.com, greenweddingshoes.com, etc.) have manual submission forms on their site, so you can submit your work whether or not the site is aware of your work.