3-Step Directing And Visualization Exercise


  1. Imagine you are directing a film. Here’s your scenario: A couple, road tripping from L.A. to Santa Barbara. Describe the shots that you need.
  2. Now, visualize what they (or you) would actually be doing in that scenario. Rather than trying to describe the shots, imagine the story.
    You’ll probably notice a difference between the way you imagined the shots you’d need as a director vs. just imagining yourself in the story. As photographers or cinematographers, we often wonder which shots we’ll need to tell a story, but we seldom put ourselves within the story to visualize how the story might actually play out.
  3. Once more, describe the shots you need. How did this list of shots change from the original list you made?

One of your greatest strengths as a storyteller will be your ability to empathize with the subjects in the story you’re telling.