10 Tips & Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner | Transcription

One of the questions that we get the most in our initial meetings for photography is actually the clients asking us, “Should we hire a planner or a coordinator for our wedding?” and my answer is emphatically, “Absolutely. Yes, yes, yes you should.” I’m going to give you ten tips and reasons in this video and on this slide as to why they should hire a wedding planner.

What’s the different between the planner versus a coordinator. A planner is generally going to be involved a year or more in advance to the wedding. They’re helping to design the wedding. To design the overall visuals and what kind of vision does the client has for the wedding. Then, of course, they’re going through and executing on that vision. A coordinator is a little bit different. Coordinators usually come in towards the end of the planning process. The bride has already done most of the work. She’s hired her vendors. The bride simply would say maybe a month before the actual wedding day, “Well, here is all my vendors, here’s the vision, here’s what we’re going for. Can you please do all of the coordination and day-of coordination for the event?” Either way, it’s absolutely a fantastic thing to have. Of course, you can imagine, that a planner is going to need a higher budget because it’s going to involve more work than say a coordinator.

1. You and Friends/Family are Not Planners

Here are the reasons why you would want to have a wedding planner or coordinator to be involved in the process. Number one, you and your friends, and I’m talking to the clients, you and your friends are not planners. You’re not coordinators. You have a vision for something but having a vision for it and actually executing on it are two completely different things. Having a vision is great. You can establish that and you can kind of guide and direct it but putting it together takes tons and tons of time and that is number two.

2. Event Design & Planning Take A Lot of Time!

Event design and planning, it takes so much time and it’s going to literally consume the bride and groom if they deciding to do this on their own.

3. Good Planners Save More $$$ than THey Cost

Number three, a good planner is going to save the clients more money than they’re actually going to cost. Yes, they might cost three or five or even up to ten thousand dollars for bigger events but they’re going to save that money in vendor discounts and making sure the clients aren’t wasting their money on certain areas and certain everything including the client’s time and so forth.

4. Executing a Vision

Number four is in executing a vision. Again, most couples have this vision but being able to execute is not about necessarily just having the vision. It’s about putting all the right keys in place. Putting all the right components in place to actually execute on that vision. I’ve seen so many clients have an amazing vision for their wedding. They try to put it together themselves and it simply doesn’t turn out to be what they thought it would be.

5. Finding Trustworthy Vendors

Number five, finding trustworthy vendors. Your planner, your coordinator, is going to have worked with plenty of different vendors. If you’re thinking about hiring someone who they’ve had a bad experience with, they can let you know beforehand. This is one of the biggest areas where they’re going to save you time and heartache. Imagine hiring someone to do cinema or someone to do photo or someone to do any of those areas that, for you florals, whatever it is. For you, it’s crucially important as the client and they end up hiring somebody that doesn’t do a good job. It can completely ruin that wedding experience.

6. Be Present in Body and Mind

Number six, the next thing to talk to them is to tell you6 clients that having a planner is going to help you to be present in both body and mind. I want you at the wedding. I want you there and I want you enjoying the day. I want you thinking about the wedding and not thinking about all these little intricate details because guess what? It will absolutely show up in the photos if you’re stressed out from all the things going on around you.

7. Mediator/ “Go-To Person”

Number seven, the planner, the coordinator is a mediator. They are a go-to person. This means that basically from family dynamics to vendor negotiations and relationships, your planner is going to be that person that helps them to navigate all the things that they are dealing with. All these interpersonal relationship through planning this wedding.

8. Designing and Managing the Timeline

Number eight, designing and managing the timeline. A quality planner, a quality coordinator is going to help to create a timeline that’s necessary for each vendor to do their jobs and do it well. That means from the florist to the DJ to the lighting to everything, the photography, the cinema. We’re going to have adequate time as vendors to be able to deliver the types of products that we want to deliver. Most coordinators understand that a jammed-pack timeline with no padding and no kind of time left for just things that could happen is going to result in a wedding day with a very stressful timeline and one that’s going to yield not-so-good photography and cinema.

9. Handle Mishaps, Unplanned Events

Number nine is to handle mishaps and unplanned events. Having a planner or coordinator means that mishaps are going to be taken care of before the client even knows about them. Believe me, every single wedding has things that are going to go wrong. The difference is do you know or was it taken care of before you actually found out.

10. Better Experience, Better Memories

Number ten, this is probably the biggest reason at least if I were to have an event planned for me, this is the biggest reason why I would want it. Better experiences, better memories. The planner, the coordinator is going to help the couple to stay focused and in the moment. You want them to be present just like I’ve told you all. You need to be present when your clients are speaking to you and you need to be present whenever you’re serving them. This is going to help them to be present when it comes to taking photographs, when it comes to enjoying the day, when it comes to the emotions going on around them.

I’ve seen again every single time, this isn’t even a sometimes type thing, every time my bride and groom has taken it upon themselves to plan and coordinate their event, they have been stressed out. I have constantly had to tell them during the day that I want you to relax, I want you to calm down. Forget about all that other stuff. You can see it written all over their faces. They have less time to spend with their friends. They have less time to spend with their family. They have less time to enjoy their day. Obviously, they have less time to take photos or do cinema. All these things have an incredibly negative impact over the type of images that you’re going to be able to create as a photographer. These are ten tips and reasons to hire a wedding planner.


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