10 Tips On Photographing The Bride’s Details – Must Haves & More

This chapter is all about the details, literally. Photographing bridal details can be a tedious and often intimidating process. With so many little components that make up a large part of the bride’s final look, you need to place equal importance on these pieces of jewelry and various accessories just as you would when photographing her portraits. Here are some tips to consider when creating cohesive spread of detail shots of your brides accessories.


  • 1. Match Dress to details
  • 2. Simple/clean background – try not to overpower the dress with the background
  • 3. Add personality – use invitations or items of value
  • 4. Directional light for interest/texture
  • 5. Mind the details/composition – look for lines and symmetry
  • 6. Shoot a variety – have an assortment of individual details as well as a shot of them as one piece together
  • 7. Cohesive look for dress & other accessories
  • 8. Hang/lay out dress – watch the shape and pull
  • 9. Perfect the shot, but move quickly
  • 10. Shoot for the album/blog